Strengthening Democracy in Angola Through Community Journalism

Friends of Angola aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society, particularly Angolan youth, to promote nonviolent civic engagement by using new and existing technologies. This move is a necessary step to solidify Angola’s ongoing transition from formal to social peace. With the 2017 general elections on the horizon, Angolan society will face a delicate battle for its political and social stability. Friends of Angola believes that technology can play an important role in strengthening nonviolent civic engagement to prevent the escalation of violence and help influence positive behavior to ensure peace during this democratic process.This project has been developed by Friends of Angola to raise the voices of the Angolan youth. We believe that a contested democracy can transform the culture of relying on violence and conflict to bring the needed social change. Due to restriction on freedom of press and speech, Angolan civil society has been rendered voiceless with no space for sharing democratic ideas and experiences with the general public. The lack of peaceful avenues and the inability to engage in a peaceful manner with the Angolan government has created a disaffected youth while making violence the likeliest and most effective tactic for achieving popular demands and social change.

Community Journalism Training Materials